Independent Closers Show

Episode 7- Strategy Session: 6 Steps to Close Any High Ticket Sale



Episode 6- Unshakable Self-Belief w/ Ben Elliot 

Not performing well in sales? Over-thinking your goals? Hear Ben’s advice! 

 You can check Ben’s website here:


Episode 5 – How to Sell Without Selling 


How to sell without selling. 


Episode 4 – The 90 Day Close Rate Maximiser

In this Episode I’m going over the “90 Day Close Rate Maximiser”, a 4-step system I created in my Business to increase my close rate. 

Episode 3 – Reasons Your Salesperson is Underperforming

Is your Salesperson getting the deal done? Is it a closing problem? Sms? Calls? If you don’t know the reasons, watch this episode to know!

Episode 2 – How to Hire an Appointment Setter


In the second episode of The Indendent Closer’s Show, I go into how you can hire an appointment setter to improve your business.

Episode 1 – 48 Sales Appointments in 4 Days


In the first episode of The Indendent Closer’s Show, I go into how I booked 48 sales appointments in 4 days and I go through different topics like Social Media, Paid Ads, Cold Calling, Sms and more.